Ritz Theater Sanford


Frequently asked questions


Wheelchair Seating:
We have wheelchair and companion seating in VIP seating Row A. To make a reservation, please contact us at 407-321-8111 or by email [email protected] and we are happy to assist you. The facility does not have an elevator.

Assisted Listening Devices:
We offer an Assisted Listening device to our patrons at no charge. There are several units available at the Concessions Stand to check out, along with usage instructions. You may also choose to connect to our system with hearing aids. Our devices were funded by Orlando Health.

ALS Services:
We will have ASL services provided at the last performance of every theatrical production. To ensure you get great seating to view the interpreters, please contact the box office to purchase your seats at 407-321-8111 or email [email protected].

How Do I Buy Tickets?

Most tickets for events at Ritz Theater can be purchased by clicking Calendar at the top of the page, scroll to the event you’d like to attend and select the Tickets button. You’ll be directed to OvationTix, where you can complete the process. You can go directly to our ticket software here: https://ci.ovationtix.com/35699

Some productions rent the venue and opt to do ticketing on their own. Instructions for obtaining these tickets will be listed within the event listing in the Calendar section.

Can I Buy Tickets At The Door?

Yes. All events will have box office services prior to the event, unless otherwise noted on the event’s page within the Calendar. Our box office is open Monday through Friday 9:30am to 5:30pm and 2 hours prior to each event. 

Are Ticket Discounts Available?

Most events do have discounts for Seniors 65+, Military/Veterans, special promotions, and groups of 10 or more. Discounts range from $2- to $5. In order to receive one of these discounts, tickets must be purchased over the phone by calling 407-321-8111 during Box Office hours.

Group discounts are available by emailing Kitra Weaver at  [email protected] or contacting her Tuesday or Thursday afternoon at 407-321-8111.

Is Ticket Insurance Available?

Ticket reimbursement insurance is offered through XCover. Patrons will now see this option during the checkout process.

Reimbursable ticket protection covers:

  • Injury or illness (COVID-19 is treated just like any other illness)
  • Injury or illness of you/your ticketholder’s close relatives (as above, COVID-19 is treated just like any other illness)
  • Inclement weather causes the cancelation or 6+ hour delay of a common carrier that you were scheduled to take to travel to the event.
  • A natural disaster damages your accommodations, preventing your stay.
  • Other covered events like accidents in route to the event, jury duty, military service.
  • We encourage patrons to read the plan terms and full disclaimer, available on the XCover offer during check out and here.

Can I Opt Out of Ticket Insurance?

Yes. When the option is visible during the check out process, select the “Non-Reimbursable Ticket” radio button.

How Much Does XCover Ticket Insurance Cost?
$1.23 each ticket.

How do XCover refunds appear on reports?
Patrons purchase the protection policy directly from XCover.

Are XCover Charges Subject to AudienceView service fees?
No, XCover charges do not incur service fees.

How will XCover charges appear on my bank statements?
When a patron purchases XCover, they will see two charges on their credit card. There will be one charge from the Ritz Theater for the tickets. There will be a second charge to XCover for the policy amount. The policy amount will be paid directly to XCover, not the Ritz Theater. These charges are detailed for the ticket buyer on the order confirmation email, PDF, and invoice.

Will sales tax apply to XCover charges?
Yes, XCover will charge sales tax, when applicable, and is responsible for all sales tax reports.

Does XCover protection cover cancelled events?
No. XCover ticket insurance for cancelled events is non-refundable. In the event an event is cancelled, the Ritz Theater will notify patrons via email and provide a list of options. XCover does not provide refund coverage if the event does not occur.

What if a patron has a dispute about a refund decision?
Because the insurance policy is offered by XCover, the Ritz Theater is not able to process a refund of the premium. The patron would need to raise their concerns with XCover and request a refund through their support/claims process here: xcover.com/claim.

How do we find out more about what XCover covers under the ticket protection?
You can see details about what is covered here. XCover will only cover events with a single end date. Therefore, multi-week classes (I.e. Every Saturday at 10am for 5 weeks) will not be covered. However, the XCover prompt will still appear in the checkout flow.

Does the Ritz Theater provide ticket refunds or ticket insurance?
No, all ticket sales are final, and the Ritz Theater does not provide ticket insurance.

Exception: as a benefit to members and season pass holders, they can request to have their tickets moved to another show or ask for a credit voucher on account only if they notify the Box Office before the date of the show.

Is There a Processing Fee on Tickets?

Yes. There is a service fee when purchasing tickets online of $2.50 per person, or $1.50 per person when you call the Box Office to make your reservation. Although subject to change, the fees are much lower than most other ticketing software services.

Where Can I Park for Your Shows?

Ritz Theater does not have a dedicated parking lot and relies on street parking for events. There are a few public parking lots in downtown Sanford that can be viewed using the map below. 

Parking Map

You may also consider the City of Sanford trolley, which provides transportation between the Sanford SunRail station and downtown Sanford. CLICK HERE to learn more and view the current trolly schedule.

Where is a Good Place to Eat Before/After the show?

Yes. Downtown Sanford has a number of amazing restaurants. We recommend you choose one of our 12 Dining Partners.  [Click here to learn more.]

Do You Allow Late Seating?

For Theatrical programs, doors to the auditorium will close at show time and will not reopen until intermission. Late patrons will be required to sit in an available seat in the balcony until intermission.

For most other programs, once it has begun an Usher will guide you to your seat.

Do you Have an Elevator to the 2nd Floor?

There is no elevator to the second floor. If you have difficulty navigating stairs, we recommend selecting a seat in the VIP or House sections which are located on the first floor and have gently sloping walkways.

Are Your Shows Appropriate for All Ages? Do You Allow Child Lap Seating?

Most shows are appropriate for ages 13+. Junior Theatricals are appropriate for all ages.

Please note, young children are welcome to the theater. If they are age 2 or under, and will be sitting on a lap, then they do not need pay admission. If they will be in a seat, then they must pay for a seat. Strollers must be stored in the back of the house to keep aisles unobstructed.

Do You Endorse All Speakers In Your Facility?

Ritz Theater is a nonprofit organization that is a venue for both self-produced shows and rental productions. These renters can include anyone in the public, including educators, politicians, motivational speakers, and private businesses. The views and beliefs of these speakers do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of Ritz Theater.

The Ritz Theater in Historic Downtown Sanford has been a community entertainment gathering place since 1923. We know our grateful patrons have many questions. We would like to make your experience with us exceptional so if you have any more questions, please contact us or give us a call at 407-321-8111.