Ritz Theater Sanford


Volunteer Program

The ritz Theater Volunteer Program

When you come to see a show at Ritz Theater, the talented actors, the orchestra, performers, and musicians are not the only people that make each production successful. We have many dedicated people working behind-the-scenes to ensure you have a memorable experience.

We are always seeking volunteers to help as ushers and concessions servers. In addition to working with like-minded, service-oriented people, you can see great shows while also helping your local non-profit community theater.

To join the team, please email John Marzullo, our volunteer coordinator, at [email protected] for more information.

Thank you to our volunteers:


JoAnn Rombough, Priscilla Rose, Karen Willoughby


Cindy Kenney, John Marzullo, Barbara Phoenix, 
Kitra Weaver, Liz Williams


Janet DiPisa
Teresa Fairbanks
Renae Hamilton
Charlotte Hendelson
Deborah Martel
Linda Marzullo
Teri Siciliano
Bee Walton


Marcia Becker
Nathalie Chan
Jerry Chilik
Derrick Daniels
Joel Fairbanks
Nancy Gentile
Georgeann Grasso
Cathy Halpren
Jill Hoppes
Michelle Marchetta
William Schrader
Kathryn Townsend
Susan Stilfield
Eric Swanson
Rose Swanson


Yazmeen Brazao
Christina Beddingfield
Donna Bundy
Deb Carswell
 Brian Casey
 Charles Cloy
 Kimberly Dailey
 Linda Fitzevens
 Karen Heriot
Olga Llerena
 Karen McClellan
 Joe McCellan


Valerie Morrison
Zasha Nelson
 Sarah Reece
 Dina Ruhling
 Angie Santiago
 Janice Santiago
 Theresa Spano
 Emma Staubly
 Jennifer Saubly
Greg Waite
John Watts